City Star Out?/Klopp fires back!

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has raised doubts about David Silva’s participation against Premier League leaders Liverpool next Sunday, after a muscle injury

"David Silva was injured five minutes before the break in front of Southampton, he told me that he has a muscle problem," Guardiola said in press statements.

He added, "When he faces a muscle problem and cannot play more minutes, this is because he suffers from something, and when it is a muscle problem, it takes 10 to 12 days at least."

On The other side Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp defended the Reds player Sadio Mane after Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola accused him of claiming to drop for the penalty kick (diving).

Guardiola said, after his team's victory over Southampton last Saturday: "Sometimes Mane dives, and sometimes he has the talent to score great goals in the last moments."

Klopp said, during comments carried by "Sky Sports": "I am not in a good mood to talk about Manchester City at the moment, but do I like Guardiola to say this about one of my players? I am not 100% sure if he is talking about Sadio Mane or about us in a way General, and I did not hear the name of Mane."

He added: "I do not know how he knew any event in our match so quickly after the end of his team's match against Southampton."

He then continued: "Mane is not a diver, and there was a situation in the match against Aston Villa, where he fell on the field, perhaps it was not a penalty but a friction occurred, but it was not like you jumped over the opponent's foot and pretended that he hit you."

And he added: "All other penalty kicks were correct, because he was in that position, and I am sure that if there was a situation similar to Manchester City, they would ask for a penalty, when one of their players is touched in the penalty area."

He concluded: "I am not in a mood to talk about Manchester City, and I want to talk about facing Genk or my team, but not about next Sunday's match."

No harm to note that Guardiola’s team is 6 points behind Liverpool, which they face at Anfield, next Sunday, 4 days after their home game against Atlanta in the Champions League.

Mane on the other hand does not seem to care about guardiola’s statements. On the contrary he showed signs of confidence and harmony inside the Reds squad ahead of the champions league clash with genk and the Saturday one against Man city.

The Liverpool striker did praise his Egyptian colleague Mohamed Salah, indicating that he is happy with their development together in the ranks of the Reds.

Mane said during his comments to France Football magazine:

"Salah is a crazy striker and an exceptional player and he knows how to do everything,"

He added: "I am still pleased to develop with him, because I have a feeling that we are talking the same football."

About James Milner, he commented: "He's the biggest professional I've ever met in my career, every day he gets to the training before anyone else, and he's the one who manages fines because of the delays, and he's so tough on that."

The Senegalese noted that Adam Lallana is "one of the team leaders," and Alexander Arnold "has an exceptional view of the game," while he described coach Jurgen Klopp as "the father."


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