Yet Another heart attack game.....

Liverpool scored a remarkable record tonight, beating Aston Villa 2-1 in the 11th round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool have reached 28 consecutive games without defeat in the Premier League, making it the second longest unbeaten run in the history of the Reds in the Premier League era, and only 3 games away from the record of equalizing the best unbeaten series in its history (31 games)

Sadio Mane's 94th-minute winner maintained the six-point lead at the top of the table for the Reds.

Out two superheroes for this game are Super Sadio and Super Andy

Sadio Mane

When everything seems lost, Sadio is more than ever optimistic and ready, only 3 minutes before the 90 minutes complete the Senegal forward delivered a cross to the far post for Robertson to head home a brilliant equaliser.

Moments later and exactly at the 4th minute of additional time Super Sadio got in front of his marker and put the ball from Alexander-Arnold in the net, Securing Yet another comeback and win for the reds

Mane's Reaction after the game:

"Today was not our best performance but we deserved the three points.”
"It was a perfect delivery from the corner and in the end I was even a bit lucky the ball went in."
“For sure we are very happy and we deserved to win these three points, which was really important for us.”

And about the upcoming clash with City He said:

“We have big respect for Manchester City. They are a very good team but we are Liverpool and we are also a very good team. I think it will be a very interesting game and we are looking forward to it.”


With 73% possession Liverpool dominated the game, Robo was very present and provided and impressive attacking role, in fact Super Andy spent most of his time on the pitch up into the opposition half, more than any other LFC player, except for the front three (Mo, Sadio, Bobby)

A Positioning rewarded with a goal in the most important time of the game, an equalizer that gave confidence and helped to get us that deserved win.

With 61 Total passes , Andy made 47 of those in the opposition half, a number that highlights his attacking instinct.

And about the game and his performance he reacted:

"We have showed our resilience over the last 18 months and this season we have kept on going.”
"Today we knew we had some great chances and there’s nothing better than a last-minute winner."

And He posted on Twitter:



Two Times in a row, coming back from a goal down to a 2-1 Win

But unlike last Sunday’s game against Tottenham at Anfield, Klopp’s squad left it to the last moments to overturn the game again

Late goals and comebacks are nothing new to Liverpool or to Klopp, however our hearts will always be at risk in moments like these.

Just since the start of last season, We have scored 30 Pl goals inside the last quarter, Nerve.

Mane’s Goal was the 35th last minute winner scored by the Reds in the PL History, and that is 10 more than any other side in the competition

Five of the 35 goals were recorded since last season only, once again more than any other PL team.

We truly never walk alone.


Jürgen Klopp was filled with emotions after the game, And on this regard he told reporters at the press conference:

The best possible in football. Really satisfying. The routine [for Mane's goal], we'd tried before a couple of times and we thought it could be a space where we could make a little advantage. It was not the only routine we had, but it was one I saw in the game two or three times before. We worked yesterday on that and then if you can use it in a very decisive moment then it's really good.
We made it difficult for ourselves. We started playing football good but not exactly like we should have done. Aston Villa were ready today for a proper fight, a proper battle, defend with all they have, try to find spaces for counter-attacks and be there and have good set-pieces. We played good football but didn't finish the situations and then we conceded a goal, then it is not so easy to change these wrong decisions, this wrong path, immediately. We needed a bit of time, but we had good chances as well. I don't think they had too many, but we had good chances.
I think, of course, it is lucky when you score these goals but I think if you watch the game, then I think if one team deserved to win it then it is us. But I can imagine how bad Aston Villa feel because with all they did today they would have deserved something, but that's how it is sometimes.
I never thought a second about 'did we lose already?' or 'can we win it still?' It is not like this.
It's not that I think now that we have had a couple of comebacks then today there were would be another comeback – how can you think that? But we know it is possible, everybody knows it is possible. We really know it, the boys tried it.
We don't have any alternatives, what can we do? Do we say, 'OK, today it's too hard'? It would've been a tough game anyway because of the quality of Aston Villa but we helped a little bit. It looked good but I didn't like it. Yes, it's good football but in the end you have to finish it off – and we didn't finish it off
When you concede the goal and now it's getting serious and now we have to be here. We still have to learn, still have to improve – and we do and we will, I know that. Sometimes you need to get knocks, and we got knocks a lot already. For little mistakes we got really big knocks. But in the end, in the moments so far we could sort it most of the time and it's OK.

On VAR calling Firmino's goal offside because of his armpit

Look, we have now a real problem. We won 2-1, that's why, for me, it's not that serious. But now we talk about serious moments, very important moments in football. It is not the right way that we sit here, talk about it and everybody wants to laugh about. It's not to laugh about, to be honest. For that it is too serious. Managers get the sack for losing football games. It's just like this. I don't want to make it bigger really than it is, but in fact we just have to clarify it. I don't say anybody is doing it on purpose or whatever, we just have to clarify it. My analysts showed me after the game, I didn't see anything and now I heard it. Whoever did it is not doing it on purpose but at the end, we need to sort a couple of things obviously. The handball situation with Targett, nobody talks about that because it was not whistled. Imagine if it would have been whistled and then we would have talked about it. But nobody whistled it, we didn't say anything. Was it a penalty? The shot is here, the shot hits the arm, so in a good old time it was a penalty! Sometimes it's in your favour and sometimes it's against you, that's how it is. That's not a problem. But we have to make sure the new system helps the game and not confuse it, that's all. But I think that's in the interests of all of us.

And here are some of the main Reaction on twitter about the game

James Milner also shared a post on his instagram with the mention: "Health warning: If you suffer from anxiety or heart problems, it's not advisabe tu support LFC" We couldn't agree more.


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