Critchley: Milner was very influential

Liverpool Under-23 coach Neil Critchley praised veteran James Milner after inspiring the youngest squad in club history to win the FA Cup fourth round against Shrewsbury Town on Tuesday.

After Jürgen Klopp decision to rest the first team, in the FA cup replay match, due to the winter break, Milner decided to give a boost to the young squad, before playing in Anfield.

"He (Milner) trained with us and asked if he could attend, and my response was, I think the answer is yes, of course you can ... he showed great respect for us by asking," Kritchley told reporters.

"He achieved a lot in the game because of this character ... He advised the players and was supporting them, and he was influential in the dressing room."

Kritchley said that Milner, who is absent from the Liverpool squad for the time being due to injury, was pleased with the performance of the young players.

and he concluded

"I don't think (Milner) can play yet ... But he was jumping behind me, so I think he was satisfied with the performance,"

And with that win, The Reds will face Chealsea in the fifth round of the competition.


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