Klopp and facts before UCL CLash

Jürgen Klopp said he was handling his last group stage match in the UEFA Champions League against Salzburg on Tuesday as if it's the final.

Liverpool top Group Five, one point ahead of Napoli and 3 points from Salzburg, the trio compete for two seats in the round of 16.

Liverpool tied 1-1 with Napoli in Anfield in the previous round, while Salzburg beat Genk away 4-1.

"We tied in the last meeting, and after this match, Napoli is definitely in a better position than us, and Salzburg are in the best condition of course, They won away from home and realize they can qualify for the next round with some efforts," Klopp told Liverpool's website.

He added: "We realized immediately after the Napoli match that we will play a final (against Salzburg) and we must make sure we are ready for the final."

"We always accomplish tasks in the most difficult wa, I do not remember that we finished a task a week before the end. We are used to it at least."

Liverpool will qualify for the round of 16 if Napoli tied or lost to Genk, but the Premier League leaders need to win to ensure first place and ensure elite teams are avoided in the next round.

If Napoli beat Genk, Salzburg would have to beat Liverpool by a better score than 4-3, which they lost with at Anfield, to ensure qualification.

"The only obvious thing is that Salzburg must win." (Klopp)

He continued: "We will not play for one point. We will strive to win and then we will see what happens."

Klopp said defender Dejan Lovren and midfielder Georginho Wignaldum are ready to play after recovering from injuries, while Adam Lallana will not be able to travel to Austria due to a slight bruise.

Midfielder Fabinho and defender Joel Matip will not return from injury until next year.


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