Klopp and Pep! in numbers

The German Jürgen Klopp and his Spanish rival Pep Guardiola, will face each other again when Liverpool receives his Manchester City counterpart tomorrow, Sunday, at Anfield, at the top of the 12th round of the English Premier League.

The history of the duo is full of many distinct confrontations that started in the German League and now reach the English Premier League

They faced in 17 previous games, during which Guardiola won in 7 games, tied in two matches and lost 8 other matches.

Looking at the duo's encounters in German competitions when Guardiola was Bayern Munich coach and Klopp coach for Borussia Dotmund, they faced in 8 games.

In those matches, Guardiola won 4 times, as well as 4 wins for Klopp

After Guardiola assumed Manchester City post and Klopp supervised Liverpool, they faced in 9 games, during which the Spanish coach won 3 games and lost in 4, and finished with a draw in two games.

Can Guardiola close tha gape? Or will Klopp Triumph?


And about the top of the table clash, Firmino commented:

“It’s an important match, like all the others. It ends up being more special because it is the two teams fighting for the top of the table,” the No.9 told Premier League Productions.
“[It’s] a match where we have to be careful, playing against a big team that we know really well, and they know us well too. We have to be careful and focused on the game to perform well and try to win.
“It is a big game between two big teams that are fighting for the top. We have to be careful not to give the opponents many chances. Of course it is a match worth six points, and we have to do our best: defend well and play good football.”


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