Liverpool v Shiefield

Updated: May 18, 2020

Liverpool continued its leadership in the Premier League, Thursday evening, defeating Sheffield United (2-0) at anfield, for the count of the 21st round of the Premier League.

Liverpool scored two goals, by Mohamed Salah in the minute (4), and Sadio Mane (64), and with that result, the Reds raised their score to 58 points at the top of the table, while Sheffield's balance stood at 29 points in eighth place.

Liverpool began the match strongly by opening the scoring in the fourth minute, after Robertson received a special ball from Van Dijk, to send a cross ball to Salah inside the penalty area, who sent the ball home into Henderson's net.

Salah almost added the second goal in the 11th minute, after receiving an elaborate ball from Henderson inside the penalty area, to hit it with his right, but goalkeeper Henderson shined and cleared it to a corner kick.

Liverpool continued to crawl towards Sheffields box, where Wijnaldum saw hit shot denied by the bar.

Few moments later Mane passed a great ball to Salah in the 29th minute inside the penalty area, after which he hit a powerful ball that the goalkeeper sent away to a corner kick

The intensity of the game fell in the following minutes, as Liverpool settled for ball possession, ending the first half with the Reds ahead1-0.

Liverpool started the second half with complete control of the ball, and in the 56th minute, Firmino fired a missile from the edge of the penalty area, but it passed slightly next to the post.

In the 60th minute, Salah sent a cross pass past Van Dijk and Sheffield's defense, to collide with the post, before goalkeeper Henderson caught it.

Liverpool dominated the first quarter of the second half completely, and the possession reached 72%, and Sheffield did not cause any danger to Alison's goal.

Liverpool scored the second goal in the 64th minute, after Mane was on one on one against Henderson who tackled the fist shot from the Senegalese before Mane followed it again into the net.

By the 70th minute, Liverpool's attempts at the match had reached 16, compared to just two for Sheffield, showing the Reds full control of the game.

The Sheffield match bears No. 50 for Alison in the Liverpool shirt in the Premier League, noting that he managed to keep his nets clean in 26 of them.

And about involvind Minamino in first team action Jûrgen klopp said:

"It would be nice to give him some time. We have a good team, Minamino is an offensive player and can play in many places. We want to take advantage of his skills."
"Now we are beginning to know each other, he will have all the time he needs, but I have no idea what time he needs."


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