SALAH Focused / Sean Cox Returns

Answering a question abouth whether Liverpool will be crowned Premier League title this season, Salah told Sky Sports:

"Liverpool winning the Premier League title? They were talking about that too in December last year when we were ahead of Manchester City by 6 or 7 points"
"It's not over yet, and the rankings could change in three games. If we get a hard time and lose three, we'll be in trouble."
"Even if we beat Manchester City next Sunday, there is still a long way to go. We are in November and it is too early to talk about winning the title."

And about the pressure he feels he said:

"To be honest, I don't care what the fans expect from me, as long as I score goals and the team wins, things are fine for me."
"I shouldn't care what people expect, because that can put a lot of pressure on me and make my level bad,"
"I'm doing what I aim to do and I'm happy with that."

And in other news, Seán Cox will be back at anfield to watch Liverpool at top of the table with 31 points, taking on the six points behind, runners-up Manchester City

A return much expected by the LFC Family, and even much more by Jürgen klopp himself, who described it to be a highlight of his Liverpool career.

It will be the first time that Seán enters a stadium since the injury he sustained in April 2018, ahead of the UCL semi-final Clash with AS Roma

This is what Klopp said about The Red Fan’s return:

“When it happened to Seán it was the lowest point for me in my whole time at Liverpool because something like this should not happen in general, in life, but it should not happen around a football game as well [and] it happened around a football game.
“The love that Seán and his family have for this club, for football, I hope that it gave him and them all the strength and power in the recovery time.
“We all know it’s not finished yet, we all know there’s still a long way to go, but having this – [that] we can give him and them the opportunity to watch a really big game, that he wants to do that… coming from a low point, that’s one of my highlights since I am here because it’s so nice.
“I am really looking forward to it and I hope that we can organise it so that I can see him for a couple of minutes before the game, I really want to. And because how the Liverpool community deals with it, I hope that he feels that we don’t only sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, we really live that.
“In this specific situation it was very important to show that and we hope, I really hope, that they felt that the whole time and that they will feel that in the future when we can help him with his recovery as well.”


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