The draw for the Champions League round of 16, resulted in exciting confrontations, most notably Real Madrid and Manchester City, in addition to the expected location between Bayern Munich and Chelsea in the re-final of the 2011-2012 season.

Liverpool will resume the title defense with a difficult confrontation with Atletico Madrid, while Barcelona is looking forward to meet Napoli, and Paris Saint-Germain is awaiting a match against Borussia Dortmund in the emotional confrontation of the first coach Thomas Tochel against his former team.

There are equal opportunities during the clash of Tottenham and Leipzig, while Valencia holds the advantage of experience in front of the enthusiast Atalanta, and Juventus remains an unusual candidate to overtake Lyon.

The dates for Liverpool's Champions League last-16 tie with Atletico Madrid are as follow:

The Reds will travel to Estadio Metropolitano on Tuesday February 18 before a return meeting at Anfield on Wednesday March 11; Both games will kick off at 8pm GMT.

Jürgen Klopp offered his reaction about the Ddaw and said:

“It’s an interesting draw. Before the draw I actually thought it would be Madrid – either one of the two clubs – and that’s the way it is.
“Madrid is the place where we only have fantastic memories, all of us, so that’s great, but this time we play Atletico there and it’s their home ground.
“It’s a tough one, but if you go through all of the draws, there are pretty much four or five potential finals already in the last 16.
“So, really, really good; a good draw, a difficult game like it should be, but how we most of the time think and say, I don’t think Mr Simeone is running through his living room and is happy that he got Liverpool.
“It will be a tough game. Two teams who are used to playing intense football, different styles and slightly different organisation of course, but both are ready for intensity and that makes it pretty tough for both.”
“I think I said last time that it is somehow the strongest ever last 16 or last eight, but it looks like it becomes stronger and stronger every year.
“It’s good, it’s good because that’s what the Champions League should be. There were never, ever easy opponents in any round. It feels like a day since we did the job in the group stage, but it’s a week ago. It’s still fresh and we were really happy that night and we’re still happy that we can face a strong opponent in this round now.”

We are very excited to seed action again in February, Let us know in comments what do you think about the draw!


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