VVD:"Nothing for granted"

The “BIG” man has given his impressions on yeterday’s clash with Manchester City…

“It's like any other three points of course but it was a bit special because you are playing against the champions, your direct rival, and I think it was a very good game to watch. We are very happy to get the three points.
“We all know - and we all feel - there are so many games left that so many things can happen between now and May.
"The only thing which can happen is for everyone to stay fit and we need everyone to play as well as they can.
"We are very happy with the position we are in, but we cannot take it for granted. We just have to keep going and take it game-by-game.
"They are the champions first of all, so they will definitely be up there again. The other teams have been doing well, too.
"The only thing we focus on is the game ahead of us, it's pretty boring and I keep saying it, but it is actually a fact. Let's just go for it.
"You can imagine everyone is happy we got three points again, especially before an international break. It is not a nice feeling if you go into the international break having dropped points – especially at home – so we were very good and we had to be if we were going to get the three points."

And When asked why he did not celebrate the first goal, he replied:

"After every goal, you have to stop (for VAR), so I did not celebrate, but in the end, after resorting to video technology and approving the goal, I had to continue playing."

He added: "I think I saw the ball touching the hand of Bernardo Silva, and maybe after that It touched the hand of Arnold ... What can I say? I can say a lot of things, but after validating the goal by VAR for us, we must accept the decision."

Liverpool return to action on November 23, after the international break.

Between now and January 2nd the Reds will contest 13 matches in four different competitions;

Van Dijk knows it will be a testing period…

“We have so many games left, The busy period is still to come: December is unbelievably busy. Then we have January and February and you never know what can happen.
"We want everyone to be fit and at their best but you can't be at your best every other day. Hopefully we will do it but we can't think about it. We are very happy with the situation and we shouldn't take it for granted. Anything can happen."


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